From now on, you have the ability to create customized views in your Inbox!

You can now set up custom views to make your Inbox organization more efficient. Keep your communication streamlined and focused by tailoring your Inbox specifically to your needs!

You can choose from two options to pick a source of conversations for your new view:

  • Channels:

    • Messenger

    • Instagram

  • Visitors' intents (for now available for Online Stores only, other industries coming soon)

    • Account

    • Discount code

    • Generic support question

    • Gift card

    • Gratitude

    • Greetings

    • Job

    • Location

    • Open hours

    • Order cancellation

    • Order change

    • Order damaged/wrong

    • Order status

    • Order support

    • Payment

    • Phone

    • Pricing

    • Product

    • Product exchange

    • Refund

    • Return

    • Shipping change

    • Shipping delivery issue

    • Shipping policy

    • Shipping price

    • Subscription cancelation

    • Trial

    • Wholesale

These created views will only affect the agent who created the view.

More information about views: Tidio Knowledge Base