We’re happy to announce that we have made several enhancements to our chatbots system:

  1. Auto-Saving Feature in chatbots creator: We have introduced an auto-saving feature to prevent you from losing progress. It automatically saves your progress after any change you make in your chatbot.

  2. Improved Flexibility and Safety:

    • Exit with Incomplete Chatbots: Users can now exit the creator even if their chatbots are not yet completed or have issues, such as drafts.

    • Restore Live Version: While a pending draft exists for an active chatbot, users can now restore the live version from the creator if any issues occur during setup or experimentation.

  3. Enhanced Interface:

    • Bot Interface: The interface for bots has been updated. Users can now close the editor or activate the bot.

    • Removing Drafts: For active bots with drafts, there is an option to remove the draft by restoring the active version.

  4. Organized chatbots listing:

    1. New States of Chatbots in the listing:

      • Active/Inactive: These states are as were before, where the chatbot is either active or inactive.

      • Drafts: Chatbots in the draft state are works in progress that have never been activated.

        • Drafts will be listed in the "My Chatbots -> Other" section or, if the user has the Solutions view, in a separate table under "My Drafts."

      • Active/Inactive with Pending Draft: This state allows users to have a valid version of a chatbot with unpublished changes saved as a draft in the creator.

These updates provide more control, flexibility, and safety for managing chatbots and ensure a smoother user experience.