We're excited to introduce a game-changing feature to Lyro that puts the power of personalized conversational experiences in your hands: Lyro Tasks. With this new update, Lyro becomes a versatile assistant, ready to handle specific use cases tailored to your needs.

What's New with Lyro Tasks:

  1. Custom Flow Creation: You can design custom flows for Lyro to navigate through specific scenarios, ensuring precise interactions aligned with your unique use cases.

  2. Template Library Access: Explore a curated list of proposed templates, making it effortless to jumpstart and customize flows according to your requirements.

  3. AI-Powered Message Recognition: Lyro leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify incoming messages and seamlessly follow the designated custom flow.

Why Lyro Tasks Matters:

Lyro Tasks work great when you need Lyro to perform more nuanced actions:

  • Access External Information: Enable Lyro to check external data such as order status, offering comprehensive support beyond standard responses.

  • Guided Interactions: Craft flows that guide visitors through specific processes, from redirecting conversations to specific departments to creating tickets for complex issues.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Route conversations to relevant departments based on topics.

  • Generate tickets for questions beyond Lyro's scope.

  • Ask clarifying questions to understand nuanced problems like exchange policies or subscription cancellations.

  • Connect to external platforms like Shopify to check order status or manage returns.