We're thrilled to unveil the latest enhancement to Lyro—a powerful leap towards seamless cross-cultural communication. Now, Lyro is equipped with the ability to understand and converse in multiple languages, empowering your customer support across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Supported Languages:

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Italian

  • German

  • English

You can maintain your FAQs in any of these supported languages, and Lyro will intelligently respond in the language of the visitor, ensuring a natural and tailored interaction every time.

Why this matters?

For multinational companies serving diverse markets, providing exceptional support in various languages is essential. With Lyro's multilingual feature, you can elevate your customer service and bridge language gaps.

Prepare to unlock new levels of customer satisfaction and engagement as Lyro speaks your customers' language, ensuring unparalleled support and a global competitive edge.